Tangy & sweet. With a dash of mint, your immunity will just be great!



Made with mint & lemon

I’d often wonder how people can go from being your family to total strangers. Now I’ve realized the opposite of love is not hate – It’s Groovy! To all my haters who’d say how you should make the lemonade the moment you find me – I refute! Groovy has given me a sense of direction choosing the finest of my friends to relax your mind and calm your soul.

Remember your mom making lemon tea for you to rejuvenate you quickly as you felt low? Groovy has added some mint to my flavorful taste which will wake you up from slumber and focus on important activities. Ready? Take a sip.

When to sip ?

From masking bad breath to helping you feel hydrated, pair it up with any kind of breakfast or put a few in your bag to stay energized throughout the day.