It compliments teas, martinis, sodas, and desserts like ice cream, yoghurt. And for the rest of days, have it whenever your taste buds demand!



Superb quality of pulpy lychees

I remember you as the old school kid when you’d make ice tea for your friends and I was a fool sitting in the refrigerator all day because you didn’t know how to extract the pulp out of me.

With Groovy, your thirst-filled summer days just got easier – best quality juice of fresh pulpy lychees that linger in your mouth to let you feel its crisp, luscious flavor.

I know your love for me is still the same, and I’m glad I could bring out the little kid in you every time you devour me.

When to sip?

How you wish we could just say whatever and move on. Well, doing things half heartedly is not our mantra – So take a sip every time you want to boost your immunity system or give a push to your body, get going!